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Our Services

aiooto currently caters to eight main categories of home services. Each category comprises its own range of services. You can also submit custom requests when your requirement doesn't fall under one of the main categories, or is complex. Our customer support team handles these requests to help you find the solution you need. More about our services below:


Handymen can be used for a variety of odd jobs:
- Furniture assembly
- Hanging and mounting
- Windows and doors
- Curtains and blinds


aiooto offers a flexible range of interior painting services. Whether it is an entire residence, one room or a single wall, our system adapts to the need. You can send requests for up to five individual rooms, with different colours for each.


Plumbing work can include a variety of things, with varying levels of complexity:
- Drainage unclogging
- Fixture repair
- Fixture installation
- Leakage inspection or repair

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services typically are:
- AC Maintenance
- AC Repair
- AC Installation

Of these, maintenance is the most straightforward. For repair, an inspection is normally needed to understand the problem.

Pest Control

Pest control can be general, as a preventative measure from the time you move into your home, or corrective to treat a specific existing infestation. Both are available through aiooto's platform.
- Rodent infestation includes pest such as mice or rats
- Insect infestation includes cockroaches, ants or bugs


Electrical work can vary and cover a wide variety of services, all of which are covered by aiooto. Some of these services include:
- Hanging of light fixtures
- Light bulb installation
- Socket/switch installation and repair
- Internal rewiring

Submitting a Request

Submitting your request through aiooto is extremely straightforward. It is also the most important part of our platform. Service providers use your request as a summary of the work you require and for pricing the job. You should therefore be as accurate as possible and include as many details as you can.  The more accurate the information you provide, the more aiooto can ensure you receive the most competitive price.

Why online requests?

The beauty of aiooto’s online platform is in its simplicity. It eliminates the need for an onsite inspection or survey wherever possible.
Arranging onsite inspections can be time consuming and tedious, when all you want is to get the job done quickly and properly.  Through aiooto, we gain the information we need by asking you the right questions. There will still be cases where the complexity of a job requires an onsite visit, but aiooto keeps this to a minimum.

Who will my request get sent to?

We send your requests to our network of trusted partners who are approved to carry out the work you need done. They present their offer based on the information you provide. We then find you the service provider that offers the best service proposition and cost value.

Receiving Offers

Once all offers are received by aiooto, our intelligent system uses it's unique algorithm to sort through all the quotes received to find the three best value offers in both cost and service proposition. We send an email directly to the email address you provide. It contains a unique link which allows you to see the three best offers. These include:

Company Name

All our partners are professional maintenance companies that meet all our quality requirements before they can join our platform. These include:
- Minimum number of years’ experience in the UAE
- Minimum amount of teams/staff
- All licenses and government approvals
- English-speaking staff
- A fully-operational website and contact system


The price is based on the information you provide, and service providers must abide by the price they submit. Should the information you provide be inaccurate however, the price may vary.


Ratings are given by customers to each company once a job is completed. The rating is given out of 5 and is based on the feedback you provide us for companies that have completed jobs. This is an unbiased way to determine the quality and level of service the company has provided on previous jobs.

aiooto Score

aiooto Score is the unique scoring system used to rank offers. For more information about aiooto score please see the section below.


Any additional comments are included, such as inclusion of materials or the responsibility for arranging security passes. This section includes important information relating to the job and clarifies the details of each company’s offer.

aiooto Score

aiooto Score is the unique system we use to rank offers for each individual request sent by our customers. aiooto Score provides an overall score to show the strength of the offer. Some of the factors can be found below:


The ratings received by the companies based on customer reviews impacts the scores the most. A higher rating increases a company’s overall scores, as it directly reflects its high-level service quality as per customer feedback.


The price a company submits directly affects its aiooto score.  That said, it is not simply based on the cheapest price. We understand that cheaper is not always better, and therefore a factor is applied to determine how the price value relates to the service quality.

Response Time

The speed at which a company responds to your request is included as a factor, as it reflects punctuality and quick communication.

Number of Jobs Completed

The more jobs a company completes with aiooto, the higher it will score. This is an indicator of quality, consistency and reliability over a longer period of time.

Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmation is made through the web link we send to your email, which includes the three best offers. The offer you choose must be selected and confirmed. Once you have done this, we will notify the company you selected on your behalf, and ensure they are present at the time specified in your request.

By confirming the booking, you are making a commitment to be present and on time. Please respect the time of the service provider, as they will schedule your job as per your request.


You make the payment directly to your service provider once the job has been completed. Payment can be made in cash, cheque, or credit card depending on the service provider you have selected.

aiooto does not require credit card information for using our platform. Nor do we block off any amount. All payments are made directly between customers and service providers.

Advance Payments

Some service providers may request an advance deposit or payment for large and/or complex jobs that require the purchase of materials in advance. Should this be the case, it will be communicated in the offer you receive. Please note that this payment will be arranged directly between you and the service provider.

Booking Modification / Cancellation

Booking Modifications

Booking modifications can be made through phone or email, as long as aiooto and the service provider are notified 24 hours in advance. Please respect service providers, as they schedule your jobs as part of their day and last minute modifications may come at a cost to them.

Booking Cancellations

Booking cancellations can be made through phone or email, as long as aiooto and the service provider are notified 48 hours in advance. The same respect to service providers as above should apply.