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Pest Control

Pest control can be general (preventative), or to treat a specific infestation. Prices are usually fixed for each type of service, depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated. Note that it is common to have to leave your apartment or room for some time during and after the pest control treatment. All pest control service providers must be licensed to perform the work in each Emirate, as well as use municipality-approved spray materials.

General Pest Control

General, or preventative, pest control is usually performed before moving in to a new residence, or at  annual/monthly intervals. This treatment removes common pests such as ants, flies, etc. to ensure your home is pest free.


Infestations vary, depending on whether it is insects or rodents. For insects such as cockroaches, specific treatments are required. In the case of bed bugs, you may not be able to sleep in the treated room for several days.
Rodent and snake infestations require setting up traps until the pest is removed from the area.