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Painting can either be very straightforward or complex, depending on different factors. Because of this, you could also receive big differences in quotations. Factors affecting the price of painting jobs include:


This is the biggest impact on price. You may be painting an entire three-bedroom apartment, one room or even a single wall. Prices will be different for larger villas or apartments, as there will be more bathrooms, common areas and a maid's room.


Homes are often painted before moving in. Having no furniture inside the property brings down the price, as it reduces the work and material load as well. When there is furniture inside the apartment, it all needs to be covered with plastic and/or moved around.

Current Wall Color

The current wall colour matters, because it determines how many coats of paint are needed. When the existing wall paint is a bold or dark colour, it becomes difficult to paint a light colour over the top without the original colour showing through. This means that you may need to paint multiple coats.

Wall Damage

Sometimes damage to walls occurs due to cracks or water leakage. This means before any painting work is done, the areas need to be replastered and prepared to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Ceilings and Trim

Oftentimes, people forget to include the ceiling or trim when looking for home painting. Both of these impact the price as ceiling painting requires time due to having to move a ladder repeatedly and cover all surfaces. Trim on the other hand, although low in surface area, requires a lot of detail and attention.

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