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You can book your electrician instantly by submitting your confirmation below. Your booking will be made at a fixed price of 150 AED per hour.
The per-hour rate above  includes:
- One hour of labour
- Minor parts (such as gaskets, tape, etc.)
- Full diagnosis of the problem, should it not be fixed within the hour
- Quote and time estimate of further work, if required


Electrical work is also charged per hour for small jobs. However, some jobs are given a fixed price if a site inspection takes place. The common hourly rate for an electrician is around 150 AED - 200 AED. Usually a minimum one-hour charge applies. This takes into consideration the full time it takes a team to complete the work including transportation time to and from the job.

Light bulb replacement

When looking to change light bulbs, the two most important pieces of information are of course size, and type of light bulb. It is very important to mention the type of light bulb (eg. spot light, florescent light, light bulb) and if possible the specific brand and model number. Without this information, it is very difficult for service providers to submit an exact quote as the scope of work is unclear. When possible, always include a picture of the light bulb to be replaced they can be in difficult to reach places.

It is also important to clarify who will be supplying the light bulbs. Electricians can supply the light bulbs if they are given the exact model number, however you should be aware that they will usually charge a small fee for this. If you as a customer can provide the light bulbs yourself, you can usually save a small amount of money.

Light fixture installation

Light fixture installation is another common electrical service that is required. Light fixtures such as pendant lamps (hanging lamps) or wall fixtures do not always include installation when purchased. This type of work requires an electrician as connections need to be made from the wires in the ceiling or wall to the light fixture itself. Apartments and villas usually include all the necessary work required to connect the light fixture. (These are the wires sticking out of your ceiling).

It is always very important to include a picture, or at least a description of the light fixture that needs to be installed. In very few cases, these light fixtures are large, heavy, or difficult to handle and therefore require special tools as they cannot be lifted and installed by one electrician. Including a picture or description will avoid receiving hourly rates.

Electrical switch/socket repair

Electrical wiring and socket repair will always require an inspection. It is very difficult to determine the cause of a socket or switch failure without opening it up to look at the inside. The failure could be caused by a poor or failed connection between the switch itself and the wires, or due to the wires being worn out.

It is very important to have failed sockets and switches inspected as soon as possible to ensure that the issue is not caused by faulty wires which could cause electrocution accidents or fires. It is not possible to determine the cause of the issue without an inspection.

Water heater

Water heaters are like any other home appliance you have such as a TV, washing machine, or fridge. They can fail due to various reasons, and some are repairable while others need to be changed completely. An inspection is required in order to determine the problem, and therefore the recommendation of repair or replacement.

If the water heater needs to be replaced, the following information must be provided in order for the service provider to be able to provide you with a quotation:
     1.  What is the model, and capacity of the currently installed water heater.
     2. Is the water heater concealed (hidden in the ceiling) or located in a separate closet.
     3. If the water heater is concealed, is the ceiling made from gypsum board (one piece) or multiple tiles that are easily          removable.
This information will allow the service provider to submit an accurate and useful quote.

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Book your electrician instantly by submitting your confirmation below. 
Your booking will be made at a fixed price of 150 AED per hour which includes:
     - 1 hour of labor
     - Minor parts (such as gaskets, tape, etc.)
     - Full diagnosis of problem should it not be fixed within the hour.
     - Quote and time estimate of further work, if required.